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Who We Are

Deep Grey Research is a trading and technology company applying cutting edge artificial intelligence to finance. We are engineers, developers, data scientists, sales and traders looking to change how finance is done. 

Our Vision

We think open and efficient markets benefit everyone. Our vision is to use technology and experience to provide deeper and cheaper liquidity to global financial markets, without losing the human touch. The role of computers in the future is often presented as a dichotomy -- they're deemed either to take over the (finance) world, or to remain secondary to indispensable humans. We believe this dichotomy to be false: both humans and machines will co-exist, and we want to be leading the evolution in this relationship.

Why Now

That markets constantly evolve is what makes them so exciting. With the latest developments in regulation and technology, the environment is ripe for change. The opportunity is now.




Our Culture

We are excited about markets and have many years of experience interacting with them. We've seen the "good", we've seen the "bad" and we've seen the "ugly" -- and it's only the first of these that we want our people to see going forward. Our culture is first and foremost one of integrity and meritocracy, filled with passion for what we do.


We love collaboration, entrepreneurship and lateral thinking. We thrive in diversity, across all dimensions and definitions of it.    


Join us!

Deep Grey is always looking for smart and entrepreneurial people to join the team! Whether you are an industry veteran excited by change, or a newcomer to finance looking to discover how you can apply what you've learnt elsewhere and really make a difference, please do get in touch. Send your CV to




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