applying cutting edge ai to the fixed income markets
Our Story

What is DGR?

Deep Grey Research is a technology company applying cutting edge artificial intelligence to the financial markets. Our core market making technology leverages cutting edge ML techniques to risk manage with the speed of a machine and the intuition of a human trader. We love collaboration, entrepreneurship and lateral thinking. We thrive in diversity, across all dimensions and definitions of it.

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The Deep Grey Edge

Using technology to provide smarter liquidity to global financial markets.

We are engineers, data scientists, and traders looking to change how finance is done.

Innovative Risk Mangagement

Our core market making technology leverages cutting edge AI techniques to risk manage with the speed of a machine and the intuition of a human trader.

Unparalleled Transparency

Our proprietary "trading cockpit" enables traders to risk manage and input discretionary market views into our models in real-time.

Years of Industry Experience

Trading is in our DNA - our team is built from engineers and traders from top universities, technology companies, and financial institutions.

Ultra low-latency

Our multithreaded risk management technology is capable of make trading decisions in 1/100,000th of a second.

Our Team

Meet the DGR Team

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Enrico Ottavian

CEO & Founder

Enrico founded Deep Grey Research in 2019, leaving an eleven year tenure at Goldman Sachs where he served as the Global Head of Rates Structuring. He was notibly one of the youngest Managing Directors at the firm after being promoted to Managing Director just six years after graduating from Bocconi University.

Cody Sugarman

Chief Operating Officer

Cody spent several years in fixed income structuring at Goldman Sachs after studying Computer Science at Stanford University as an undergraduate. Cody joined Deep Grey Research as it's Chief Operating Officer in 2019 and currently runs its New York offices.

Brian Gabillet

Chief Technology Officer

Brian joined DGR as its Chief Technology Officer in 2019 after 18 years of working in fixed income algorithmic trading at both Société Générale and Deutsche Bank. He is an avid programmer and has the author of a book on best practice design patterns in C++.

Michel Benveniste

Head of Quantitative Trading

Michel is Deep Grey Research's head of quantitative trading. After graduating from Imperial College in London in advanced computing, Michel spent over a decade in the quantitative trading world, leaving his role as partner at BH Algo in 2019 to join DGR.

Our Offices

We are a global business with offices in the UK and US

New York, USA

442 Broadway 2nd Floor,
New York, NY 10013
+1 8054509755

London, UK

15-19 Bloomsbury Way
London, WC1A 2TH, UK
+44 7798875227
Open Positions

Come and join our fast growing team

DGR is always looking for smart and entrepreneurial people to join the team! Whether you are an industry veteran excited by change, or a newcomer to finance looking to discover how can really make a difference, please do get in touch. Send your CV to

Quantitative Researcher

London / New York
Full Time

Senior C++ Developer

London / New York
Full Time

DevOps Engineer

London / New York / Remote
Full Time

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